Pesticides are very appealing, in some ways, however, they are designed to kill.  They lower the cost of a project in the short term.  They can reduce the physical work load at installation time and during some maintenance tasks.  However, all of these “savings” comes at a cost to you, your family, and your primary investment; your home. Sadly, many landscape gardeners, farmers, and home owners still use pesticides such as: RoundUp, pre-emergents, and other poisons that make their job cheaper – at your expense.

When you use pesticides, even for just a small task that you think is inconsequential, consider the long term effects:

  1. After use, it runs off the plant and into our water tables, ponds, rivers, oceans.  This is where scientists find pesticides.
    Even if you think your use is small or short term, pesticides last a long time.
  2. Children and Older people are more susceptible to pesticide poisoning.
  3. Pesticides are tracked into your home from shoes, kids, bare feet, pets, toys.


Some Intense Facts


Other Places Pesticides are commonly found include

There are many solutions