East Santa Rosa, CA

Landscape Design - Sonoma County

We’ve been proud to work on this landscape from it’s beginning – from design to fruit bearing trees and berries.

  • Designed and maintained since 2000.
  • Ten Fruit Trees in Front with Berries, Herbs, Perennials, Beneficial Insect Attracting Plants.
  • Deer are present in the neighborhood.

Sonoma, CA

3 Garden Path Sonoma CA

Looking out the Side yard to the Street, this path of Montana Flagstone was laid with only River Sand. We allowed the Ornamental Strawberry, Yellow Potentella and Lemon Balm Ground covers to fill in naturally.

Kenwood, CA

4 Kenwood, CA Garden Design Front entry

Plants: On the left of the sidewalk from front to back is Lambs Ears, Purple Berberis, Upright Rosemary,  Escallonia. On the right of the sidewalk from front to back is Lavender, Strawberry Tree, Mexican Sage. And Roses at the Front Door.
Secluded in the hills of Kenwood, this is a landscape where, one morning, a buck and two deer came running straight at us, missing us by a foot or two, they were sleeping in our clients front yard. What a treat!

Deer used to feast on the Roses at the front door, until we grew 6 to 8 foot Roses.

Bodega Bay, CA

5 Staircase Rail road tie Bodega Bay, CA Landscape Contractor Staircase

This Railroad Tie Stairway was built in to sands of Bodega Bay. Secured with iron rebar through the ties, we cemented between each tie with multi-colored pebbles. The cement has a base layer of shale, rebar, and metal fencing for reinforcement.

East Santa Rosa, CA

6 Patios flagstone East Santa Rosa, CA

With her office on the house side, she requested a waiting area for clients with Roses on the fence, Bush Roses, Lemon Balm, Azaleas, and a fountain. With a light post behind the fountain, and ground lights, clients can see at night.

West Santa Rosa, CA

7 West Santa Rosa, CA

This was a lawn we covered with cardboard, mulch, plants, and a drip system. They requested a low maintenance, colorful landscape.

West Santa Rosa, CA

8 West Santa Rosa, CA

Drought tolerant plants in a dry creek bed with Sonoma Field Stone and Cobblestones

Santa Rosa, CA

9 Rock wall Stairway stone concrete Santa Rosa

They requested a new Retaining-Wall be built in place of the old falling down wall. We suggested a Dry-Stack Sonoma Fieldstone Lean-To Wall including rubble behind the Fieldstone for proper water drainage.
We left to Old Wall behind the New Wall, buried, especially since the Old Wall wasn’t in the way of Our New Planting.
The Stairway was mapped out on the ground with Non-Toxic Biodegradable Ground Paint.
Both Stairways became shaped to the Underground Structures of the Old Wall, and most important, the gas main.

West Santa Rosa, CA

10 Stairway Rock wall steps flagstone

This is the Second Stairway in a 50 ft. curving lean-to retaining wall (same wall as above).

Windsor, CA

11 Patio Design Windsor, CA

The client requested Roses and Herbs in multi-colored ceramic pots at the lawn edge to be watered from the drip system.

Santa Rosa, CA

12 Seasonal Flowers Santa Rosa, CA

We create flowers arrangements.
Here, at the clients request, we regularly arrange flowers from the landscape.

Petaluma, CA

2 Pond Waterscape Petaluma, CA

This magical waterfall has 7 big Rose Quartz at the top and 14 Amethyst Geodes at the pond edge.

  • 4′ x 5′ heart pond
  • Two waterfalls