• Landscape designs
  • Regenerative pruning
  • Ponds & fountains
  • Fruit & vegetable production
  • Flagstone patios & pathways
  • Path and feature lighting
  • Soil testing
  • Event Preparation
  • Rock retaining walls
  • State-of-the art irrigation parts
  • French drains & natural drainage systems
  • Fences
  • Lattice structures
  • Maintenance, regular & seasonal
  • Non-lethal gopher eradication


  • State of the Art, easy to program timers, professional, needs protection from sunlight.
  • Lowest flow sprinklers, saves water, taxes the community less, looks like rain. Lawns, gardens & farms.
  • Underground, above ground, inside buildings.
  • ‘Call me and make way for a better the future and we’ll make your dreams come true.’
  • Professional Drip Systems – above or buried. Created with simplicity, safety, and accuracy.
  • Automated livestock water systems


47 Horsepower, 2017 6 ft. wide. Fits into most backyards.


  • FRONT LOADER – moves 1000 lbs. dirt, rocks, gravel, debri and garbage.
  • GRAPPLER – Moves large logs, debri, and garbage.
  • ROTOTILLER – 6 ft, wide, coverers tractor tire tracks, culivate large areas 6-12” deep. Pulverizes small debri or plant material.
  • FLAIL MOWER – Mowing. Pulverizes grasses, weeds, cover crops (define, somewhere in website.
  • BACK HOE – Digs large amounts of soil, digs holes for trees & small plants, picks up boulders & objects, trenching. Three buckets 3 ft. 1.5 ft. 1 ft.
  • FORKLIFT – Moves 1000 lbs. of large boxed trees into place, moves heavy pallets and materials.
  • FRONT AUGER – Digs Postholes, Plants or Trees 9” and 12” holes.
  • BOX SCRAPER – Road Work, levels driveways.

Retaining Walls

  • Dry-stack
  • Steel Reinforced


We grind away old stumps for new construction, create space, save foundations.

Lawn Planting and Maintenance

  • Mulch grass clippings back into the lawns, saving time and returning the nitrogen in the clippings back to the soil.
  • Annually, we fertilizer with organic nitrogen, calcium, rock minerals.
  • White Dutch Clover can be seeded into lawns, releasing nitrogen back into the soil every time they flower.
  • We plant lawns by seed or sod and maintain your lawn to be healthy, rich, and non-toxic.
  • We plants lawns with 3″ to 4″ of organic compost, rock minerals and calcium.
  • Irrigation systems are set up prior to planting to ensure proper watering and germination.
  • We practice and promote water efficiency and conservation.