At MindfulLandscapes Brian is the owner and operator of the Kubota BT1000, 47 horsepower tractor.

This translates to fast and reliable operation with any ‘coming-up-to-speed’ time that is sometimes required when tractors are rented.

We call this tractor Hercules.  At only 6 ft. wide, Hercules fits into most backyards, while providing ample power, functionality, and versatility.


  • FRONT LOADER – moves up to 1000 lbs. dirt, rocks, gravel, debris per load.
  • GRAPPLER – for grabbing large logs, brush piles, loose materials and debris.
  • ROTOTILLER – cultivates large areas 6″ to 12” deep. One of the quickest ways to prepare your soil and the base of just about any project. At 6 ft wide it covers the it’s own tire tracks, leaving the ground tilled and uncompressed on every pass.
  • FLAIL MOWER – High weed mowing and pulverization of grasses, weeds, cover crops.
  • BACK HOE – We have three bucket sizes: 3 ft. 1.5 ft. 1 ft.  Great for digging holes for trees & large plants, for moving boulders and for trenching.
  • FORKLIFT – Moving up to 1000 lbs. at a time, this is the perfect tool for planting large boxed trees and moving them into place or managing the delivery of other aspects of your project.  For example: moving the delivery of your waterfall pump from the front of your house where they dropped it off to the back where it can be installed.
  • FRONT AUGER – Fast and accurate digging of post-holes for fences or prepping to plant trees. We have auger bits to make 9” and 12” holes.
  • BOX SCRAPER – This little known tool can re-level your road, backyard, driveways – used to spread or redistribute dirt/gravel/soil and spread it over medium to large areas.
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